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Military Products

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Product Image Product Name Brief Description
Voice and Data Recorder
The Voice and Data Recorder (VADR®) employs the latest generation of military and civil acquisition, recording and memory protection technologies. The VADR® is applicable to virtually any aircraft and may be used as a data-only, voice only, or combined voice and data recorder.
Switch and Cable Products Wide range of portable radio interfaces, switch and cable assemblies, adapters, microphones, jacks, and pre-amps.
Engine Data Manager
Provides data conversion for all analog signal processing and analog-to-digital necessary to operate the Electronic Instrumentation Displays (EID) in aircraft cockpits. The data processed and displayed includes RPM, ITT, torque, oil temperature & pressure, fuel quantity & flow, hydraulic pressure, and cockpit pressure.
Data Transfer Module Receptacle
Aircraft interface receptacle when used in conjunction with a DTM portable memory cartridge. Provides digital information loading and retrieval capabilities.
Data Transfer Module
The DTM is a small, shirt pocket sized, rugged, portable memory cartridge used for aircraft digital information loading and retrieval. DTMs are offered with SRAM, Flash EPROM, and combinations to achieve selectable memory capacities.
SCSI Data Transfer Module Receptacle
The Table Top Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) SDTMR is a Data Transfer Module (DTM) ground interface and test solution. It provides a single-ended interface to a host computer for rapid data transfer to and from the DTM. This unit will operate with and test all DTM configurations using either SRAM, flash memory, or a combination of both.
AN/ALE-47 (V) (sold as full set) (CMDS) AN/ALE-47 is a "smart” countermeasures dispensing system capable of carrying a mix of expendable countermeasures including jammers, conventional chaff, flare decoys and the new generation of "active" expendable decoys.
AN/ALE-47 Programmer The programmer is the central processing, controlling and communications unit of the AN/ALE-47 Countermeasure Dispenser System.
AN/ALE-47 Safety Switch Part of the AN/ALE-47 Countermeasure Dispenser System the safety switch prevents inadvertent dispensing of expendables in all modes. Aircraft 28VDC for squib power is routed through the safety switch.
AN/ALE-47 Dispenser Dispenser assembly consists of a dispenser housing, a magazine, and a magazine retainer plate. The magazine provides carriage for 30 expendables.
AN/ALE-47 Sequencer Sequencer determines the pin location for each requested expendable, provides squib power, conducts Built In Test (BIT), determines & routes magazine identification and monitors stored inventory.
AN/ALE-47 Control Display Unit (CDU) Control Display Unit serves as the primary operator interface with the AN/ALE-47 Countermeasure Dispenser System and provides the distribution of logic power to the AN/ALE-47 programmer and the sequencers.
AN/USQ-131B Memory Loader Verifier Software loader of EW mission data files for the AN/ALE-47 Countermeasure Dispenser System supporting Organizational, Intermediate and Depot level maintenance.
AN/ALM-295 Countermeasure Dispenser Test Set (CDT) The AN/ALM-295 Countermeasure Dispenser Test Set allows operators to perform a variety of preflight operations on the AN/ALE-47 Countermeasure Dispenser System, including stray voltage checks, jettison functionality, and fire pulse counts.
Improved Data Modem
- Provides four channels of radio interfaces. IDM-302
- Supports the AFAPD, TACFIRE, MTS, and IDL protocols, and works with an array of radios and crypto devices.
Improved Data Modem
- Provides six channels of radio interfaces.
- Supports AFAPD, TACFIRE, MIL-STD-188-220 (VMF), MIL-STD-2045-47001 and MIL-STD-6017
Improved Data Modem
- Provides six channels of radio interfaces.
- Supports AFAPD, TACFIRE, MIL-STD-188-220 (VMF), MIL-STD-2045-47001 and MIL-STD-6017. Can be used as Blue Force Tracker (BFT & BFT2) Gateway
-Can be upgraded to be FACE compliant.
Improved Data Modem
- Provides four channels of radio interfaces. IDM-501 supports the AFAPD, TACFIRE, IDL, MIL-STD-188-220 protocols. Works with an array of radios and crypto devices.
- Control Interfaces: MIL-STD-1553, RS-232, RS-422, Ethernet (future)
Programmable Integrated Communications Terminal
Extant’s rugged, modular PICT supports multiple secure and non-secure voice communications for both military and industrial applications.
Power Conversion Products Wide range of power conversion products including dimmers, control panels, battery chargers, proximity sensors, annunciators and power supplies.
Mission Data, Memory, & Recorder
The Mission Data, Memory, & Recorder (MDR) products. Sustaining forward fit and aftermarket manufacture and repair of various Mission Data, Memory, and Recorder products.
HYLZ Cabin Temperature Controllers
BYLF Cabin Temperature Controllers
AYLF Temperature Elements
Particle Separator
Temperature control boxes with temperature/overheat sensing elements for use in Commercial/Military applications for cockpits/cabins/ducts.
Blower Fan for the B747 evacuation slide.
Particle separation fans for LCAC maritime operations.
AC Motor
Power Conversion Products. Sustaining manufacture and repair of AC Motors and static inverters.
EUFD-Enhanced Up Front Display
KU-Keyboard Unit
Mix of LED Display and related Electronic Controls General Background - Displays
Converter Regulator
Battery Charger Control Unit (BCCU)
The BCCU provides charge current to the aircraft battery, controls power from the battery to the aircraft loads, and provides status indications of the battery system.
The Converter Regulator provides power regulation and fault/status monitoring.
Annunciator Panels
AV900 Suites
Cockpit lighting, controls and indicator panels for military and commercial aircraft.
AN/APN-232 Combined Altitude
Radar Altimeter Receiver Transmitter (CARA RT)
Signal Data Converter CARA
Flight Line Test Set (CARA FLTS)
The AN/APN-232 Combined Altitude Radar Altimeter Receiver Transmitter (CARA RT) transmits a signal to the earth’s surface, receives the reflected signal, processes the information, and provides the resulting altitude-related data from 0 to 50,000 feet to various avionics systems.

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