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Cabin Handsets

Cabin Handsets

Extant Aerospace offers a multitude of cabin handsets with varying applications and features to fit our customer’s specific needs.

  • The ePhone sets a new standard in cabin communications with a sleek, ultra-modern, high performance cordless phone that caters to those with the most discriminating tastes. Its cutting-edge communications capabilities and innovative features enable you to do so much more than just make a phone call.

  • The JetPhone is a rugged and feature-rich handset designed for general aviation and air transport applications. The device is available in both 2-Wire and 4-Wire models. The 2-Wire version has a standard “Tip and Ring” telephone circuit permitting connection to CTU systems or direct transceiver connections.

  • The Sigma-7 retractor-reel handset is similar to traditional aeronautical handsets in form factor and appearance but is much simpler and more conventional in its use. The Sigma-7 offers features commonly found in office style multi-function handsets.

  • The ST3100/HC3100 handset offers a simplistic design and is commonly used for internal communication between cockpit and crew as well as cabin announcements.
    • Product ID(s):ePhone, JetPhone, Sigma-7, Sigma-7 Backlit, ST3100, HC3100
    • Key Platforms:Embraer Executive Jets, Dassault Falcon, Bombardier Learjet, Gulfstream 500, Boeing 737, Airbus A318, A319, A320, A321, A330, A340
    • Primary P/N(s):9621XX, 9388A-B, 938810A-B, 938810A-C, 9L8810A-B, 500905-10-XX, 5000040-00-30, 5000040-10-10, 744000-00-40, 744000-00-42, 744000-10-72, 744000-10-70, 0570.982, 0518.0XX
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