Programmable Integrated Communications Terminal

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Programmable Integrated Communications Terminal

Extant Aerospace’s rugged, modular Programmable Integrated Communications Terminal (PICT) supports multiple secure and non-secure voice communications for both military and industrial applications. In its shipboard application, a single PICT integrates the user’s voice access to telephones, tactical intercoms, radio communications, public announcements, and casualty reporting systems. The PICT interface configuration can be ordered to meet user applications and is compatible with all current hookups on U.S. Navy ships. It is designed for installation into console cutouts as well as location specific enclosures for mounting on fiddleboards, bulkheads, pedestals, etc.

A simple user-programmable touch screen provides control of the interfaces with a natural graphical color interface. The PICT unit provides for the use of a headset, handset, push-to-talk foot switch, embedded speaker and microphone in the front panel for intercom use and also provides connectivity for an externally powered speaker. Up to 40 single-action keys can be programmed for frequently called circuits.

  • Product ID(s):PICT 7500, PICT 7300
  • Key Platforms:US Navy Maritime applications (CVN, SSN, LPD, LHA, LCS)
  • Primary P/N(s):67040-3, 67350-1, 411140-100, 411140-114
  • All Part Numbers

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