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Data Entry Display

Data Entry Displays

The Enhanced Up Front Display (EUFD) and associated Keyboard Unit (KU) provide easy-to-use data entry and output in a readable format. The EUFD is approximately 3" x 6" matrix LED display. The companion Keyboard Unit provides a keypad data entry with a scratchpad single line display of 32 characters.

Extant Aerospace also offers a Data Entry Display (DED) specifically for the F-16.

  • Product ID(s):EUFD, DED, LEDDM, KU
  • Key Platforms:Boeing AH-64, Lockheed F-16
  • Primary P/N(s):10-53618-0, 10-11476-01, 10-01126-07, 10-52151-03, 10-01125-08
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