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Multifunction Display

Multifunction Display

The Avidyne EX5000 is a large format (10.4”) Multi-Function Display (MFD) designed to interface and display flight mapping, weather, terrain, and traffic data. Providing a High Brightness Color Active Matrix LCD, the EX5000 is easily readable in even the brightest sunlight. The EX5000 provides a robust interface with wide range of radar, traffic, and other systems.

NOTE: Extant offers ONLY REPAIRS on this product. ALL requests go through Avidyne.

  • Product ID(s):Avidyne EX5000
  • Key Platforms:Cirrus SRV, SR20/22, Lancair, Diamond DA40, Piper PA28/32/44, Adam A500
  • Primary P/N(s):700-00004-006, 700-00030-005, 700-00030-805, 850-00013-412
  • All Part Numbers

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