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Electromechanical Indicators

Electromechanical Indicators

Extant Aerospace has a large variety of electromechanical indicators which provide attitude indication across a broad spectrum of applications:

  • The AIM® 1200 attitude gyro was designed with maximum reliability and long service life in mind. The panel-mounted horizon reference indicator combines high performance with a rugged design, making it ideal for helicopters and high duty cycle aircraft. The 1200 series includes a full line of direct replacements for most of the discontinued AIM 510 products.

  • The AIM® 520 series 2-inch attitude gyros have a compact and lightweight design that make these electrical attitude gyros perfect for use as secondary standby instruments, or for use on aircraft where panel space is limited.

  • The AIM® 1100 series 3-inch attitude indicator provides enhanced reliability under dynamic flight conditions. Designed as a direct replacement for the AIM 305 series electric attitude indicator, the AIM 11 series combines the physical features of the AIM 305 series with enhancements for improved performance.

  • The AIM® 205 directional gyro is precision flight instrument designed to provide pilots with a constant azimuth reference, free from instability inherent in magnetic compasses. A high-speed electric rotor, mounted in a gimbal system, maintains angular momentum to overcome normal bearing friction and establishes a gyroscopically stable datum reference relative to space.

  • The Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI) provides pilot with heading, course, single or dual pointers, remote or manual heading and course pointers, DME readouts, and glideslope.

  • The Bearing Distance Heading Indicator (BDHI) displays distances up to 1999 nautical miles (NM) with a bearing pointer which provides information to select station.

  • The Attitude Director Indicator (ADI) 2 or 3 axis display of pitch, roll or pitch, roll, and azimuth. Additional features such as rate of turn, glideslope and localizer can also be added.
    • Product ID(s):AIM 205, AIM 305, AIM 520, AIM 1200, ADI, HSI, BDHI
    • Key Platforms:MD Helicopters MD500, MH-6, Boeing F-15, Lockheed F-16, Fairchild A-10, Lockheed C-130, Bell B-212, B-412, Sikorsky H-60, Panavia Tornado, Boeing C-17, Lockheed C-130, Sikorsky CH-53, Bell UH-1, Boeing AH-64
    • Primary P/N(s):504-012X-XXX, 505-0031-XXX, 504-0035-XXX, 504-0110-XXX, 504-0111-XXX
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